Thursday, October 21, 2010


In my final project I want to write about something that I really like. for that reason the two options that I have in my mind are connected to my passions as a person, the first one is history and the second one is Rock.

The first event is the Salt March, in India, which began on March 12 of 1930, was and important part of the Indian independence movement. It was a campaign of nonviolent protest against the British salt tax in colonial India, and triggered the wider Civil Disobedience Movement. Mahatma Gandhi encouraged Indians to break the Salt tax law in order to involve Indian masses, including the poor, to confront the oppressive law imposed by British government. But in the other side this march is more than a mass political action. Gandhi saw the march as a pilgrimage, as a living sermon. It was not just about removing the British but to demonstrate what an ideal nonviolent society should look like, how ideal lives should be lived.

The other theme is the social and poetic analysis of the album and movie “The Wall” by one of the best rock bands of the whole time Pink Floyd.
Pink Floyd's the Wall is one of the most interesting and imaginative albums in the history of rock music. Since its release in 1979, and the subsequent movie of 1982, the Wall has become part of the visualization of the modern society in the world for many people. The Wall traces the life of the fictional character, Pink Floyd and the songs create an approximate storyline of events in the life of the protagonist and each one of them are about different issues (morals, politics, identity, freedom, family, love, sex, repression, isolation).

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  1. Hi Mario -
    Both of these topics could be very interesting - if you do the Salt March, however, you might want to look for a cultural/artistic element to this protest or a representation of it - a lot has been written about this movement and march, so you'd want to find a particular focus so you can make your own analysis, using the framework of the assignment.

    If you pick The Wall, think about what you'll be able to find out about what was specifically going on at the time, and the specifics of the issues they were responding to.